Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Illustration Academy, Part 2, Side A

This summer, I went to the Illustration Academy for the second time, and it was amazing. It was completely different from last year, but still worth every second of it. Here are the first three assignments, each given by a different visiting artist. The first is "Slice of Life: Sarasota", given by the four instructors. The objective was to focus on shape, value and composition, so I used painted cut paper. The second is Chris Payne's assignment "Celebrity Portrait". The image had to be appropriate for the New York Times' Book Review, and had to focus on likeness, I chose Rudyard Kipling. The third piece is "Blue", given to us by Gary Kelley. I actually redid this assignment over lecture week because the first was horrific, if not a learning experience. It is based of "Devil in the Blue Dress", or in this case, "Devil not in her Blue Dress". 

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senior Thesis

So, from January to May, my life was consumed by my senior project. I decided to make a comic book, allowing me in illustrate, design, layout, and character design all at once. Here is the cover and the first four pages. If you want to see more, or order a copy (they are printed), just e-mail me.

In the beginning....

Welcome. This is an attempt to get back in touch with normal society. We'll see how well this goes, and if I can maintain the challenge of posting regularly.