Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senior Thesis

So, from January to May, my life was consumed by my senior project. I decided to make a comic book, allowing me in illustrate, design, layout, and character design all at once. Here is the cover and the first four pages. If you want to see more, or order a copy (they are printed), just e-mail me.


Edward Kinsella III said...

I linked you. Post something new or perish in blogdom forever. You've been warned. Now if only I could post consistently.

oth said...

yay now you have a blog.. now what?

oth said...

oh yeah i forgot to tell you to put an email so people can buy your comic silly! and a price cost.. just make a banner.

get a paypal account or something.


see john nevarez did it!

Emily Dove Gross said...

Woohoo! Matt's got a blog!