Monday, March 24, 2008

Robots Galroe

So I finally have some new work up! Huzzaz! I've been pretty busy at work, and then re-designing my website, be sure to keep an eye out for a new and improved version soon. But what you are beholding at this very moment are some robot designs for an upcoming personal project. I just felt I need more character based work for my portfolio, so I just went for it. Let me know what you think, or which is your favorite even, anything is appreciated. And thanks to John and Anna for all of their critiques and input.


othbot said...

these are really cool- i like the exercise- it feels like something out of that skillful huntsman book with variation silhouette stuff

nice. looks very blue-sky robots-

but i wish instead of just scifi- theme- you would integrate "variations" like

this is an aquatic- robot- this is a cowboy robot- this is a rock base robot- this robot has more- of like construction worker parts-

you know to give it more theme and personality- the shape and pattern is cool but just to give it extra- umph - its nice if the shapes- had an over all theme-

Lizbeth Quispe said...

I like the detail in the silhouettes you have. I like the far right one in the middle because I imagine that dial in the center moving according to how he feels. And I also like the far right one in the bottom because I think it'll be cool to see how he might walk.

I agree with Oth. I think that it might be interesting to think about what is it that this robot was created for? Like if he was made to make pizza all day, that he might have some pizza rollers for hands or something like that. Maybe what he does all day would dictate how he's built.

I like the variation in shapes you have in these designs. Look foward to seeing more cool stuff.