Friday, April 10, 2009

Turn Arounds

While looking at my concept portfolio, I realized that most of the things in there are "one shots", a basic study, emotions, or maybe just one environment.  I hardly ever flesh out the worlds, with multiple pieces relating to one project, and giving the viewer a sense of mood and what the story is.  I'm working on that though, and I'm starting with the gamer from a few posts back.  I'm going to do more characters/ family member designs, plus some environments and maybe a few props.  Check back to see my progress.


Anna Luther said...

o...ohmygod that gradient shadows I see?! Splendid! AND we get texture? I feel spoiled. MORE my good man, more!
Next is the fat little sister in a tutu? Please?

Maria said...

The texture on the jeans is really awesome. Nice touch. Me gusta! After the fat sister in the tutu, I'm voting for a chubby little pug that has a tendency to chew on his game controllers. :)