Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Can I help you find something?"

So, it has finally happened. I decided to get a part time job while I start my freelance illustration career, and today was my first day as an official employee at...Target. Needing money and getting a little stir crazy being stuck in my house all day, I decided to find a job. I applied to many stores, from the mall (Express; Barnes And Noble; etc) to Michaels to some local design studio. But Target was the first to offer, and it seems decent enough. So today, I had the pleasure of standing for six hours straight and learn how to be a Target cashier, EXCITING! It was unique to say the least. I handled everything from cash, check and credit card to condoms, bra and panties, and dog Halloween costumes. We had a homeless man trying to get a ride outside the store, and shoplifters who tried to steal a duffle bag filled with 6 or 7 game systems. So lets see if the next few weeks will be as entertaining. I do have Monday and Tuesday off, so hopefully I will be productive art wise and finish my most recent illustration.


oth said...

Hey Matt ;-)

ooo sounds illustrious.
oh yeah i found this website that might help you get some free lance gigs. i think its about $30 a quarter and professionals get to browse you and you get to browse their jobs ;-)

So you could put that pt job money to some use. and it does that online portfolio thing built in also. ;-)

oth said...
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Mark Villarreal said...

how about helping me find an umbrella? The target near where I live didn't seem to have any. And its raining! ahhhhh! *runs for cover*