Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Illustration Academy, Part 2, Side B

So here are the rest of the finished pieces from this year’s academy. The first is Bill Cosby, Anita Kunz's conceptual portrait assignment. I really think this is the best piece I did this summer, and is the general direction I want to take my work. The next is Doug Chayka and Jenny Kostecki's assignment, Pinocchio. It was formatted to be a two-page spread from Chapter 3. The final image is Mark English's assignment, where we had to go back and use only one value to describe things, and it had to be set in a restaurant/ cafe. I think this summer I really found out what work I really want to do, and in a round about way, how to do it. I just want to give a shout out to everyone that helped me this summer, especially Miller and all of CJ2, the instructors, and pretty much everyone else. Thanks for all the help.


othbot said...

i like the bill cosby one. its so funny looking. odd looking but works. ;-)

Emily Dove Gross said...

I LOVE the Bill Cosby portrait...I look forward to more work like that from you!