Monday, September 22, 2008

The Messenger

So another challenge that Anna issued. I wanted to do something really cute, and I think I did.  Referenced Richard Scarry again, just for that whimsical feel. Let me know what you think.


AHhh-nna said...

I like, uh, that carrot on the envelope. Thats an awesome detail. NO REALLY I TOTALLY LOVE THIS. LOVE IT.

AHhh-nna said...

I dont think I emphasized enough how much I love this. SO I WILL SAY IT AGAIN. Ready?
I love this.

Gail said...

Hey Matt, this looks great! I love the shapes and color.

othbot said...

wow this one is great! i love all the nice levels of detail and just enough. not too much or not too litle.
except i think maybe the white background is a little blinding. perhaps like a warm- more neautral grey will help bring out those sweet colors.

but thats just nit pickety.

oooh i like this neat evolution of your style.

Nila Curry said...

Thats fricken awesome!! I miss you matt!! I saw the piece that you gave rachel levey of the guys singin, I've been meaning to ask you what type of media and technique you used for that. I really wanna do something similar for my next illustration assignment. How are you? Where are you? aww shucks just shoot me an email, its

much much luv!!

Arrolynn said...

Hi Matt! Thank you for the comments! I absolutely love this piece. It's so cute, but not in a sick way. It's "awesome cute"!