Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ringmaster

And here is the second part of the challenge, the Ringmaster.  I wanted to keep in the style of the dancing bears, so really simple Photoshop. Maybe I'll try to do a more painterly Photoshop design in the near future, but right now whatever gets the job done. And I kinda like the flat color, so who knows.


AHhh-nna said...

we were on last night at the same time and almost posted at the same time. thats some crazy shit.
p.s. yaaay love. this. props on the clean styling.

AHhh-nna said...

im a shrew now? Metaphorically speaking or in actuality? I HAVE NEWS P.S. And I WANT TO TELL YOU so get yo self online tonight, holmes. Srrsly. Don't make me (what would a shrew do? Ruin your garden?) DONT MAKE ME dig little holes in your yard cause I will.