Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is the project from the Character Design class I took in the fall. The main assignment was to redesign Frankenstein, and to incorporate 1 male, 1 female, and 1 quadruped. Some people designed a more straightforward version of the story, while I took a "slightly" different approach. And by "slightly", I mean it's almost unrecognizable as Frankenstein.

My version was set in the North American southwest, with a young Hopi Indian Mother, who tragically lost her first born son. Distraught over the death, she turns to the mystical Coyote, asking for him to return her son to her. He warns that there could be severe repercussions for tampering with the Spirit World, but the young Mother begs. Coyote grants her request, using his powerful magic to bring her son is brought back from the dead! The son is reborn as a Monster, angry and disfigured, nothing like Mother remembered. She shuns the Monster. Confused and upset, the Monster goes on a rampage. When Mother asks Coyote to undo it, he tells her that she must be the one to stop him. He explains that all of her twisted emotions and guilt over losing her first-born has changed his appearance. She must accept that it was not her fault, and to celebrate the life he had, and not to morn the life he lost. She races to find the Monster and stops him from destroying anything more. She confronts him, and her emotions, and makes the toughest decision of her life. She lets go of her guilt and her own anger. As this happens, the Monster transforms into a tiny spirit form of her son. Mother can finally say the goodbye she needed to say, and lets her son return to his rightful place with his ancestors in the Spirit World.

So yeah, really different. When brainstorming, I really liked the idea of magic creating the monster, instead of technology. I also liked having a clear setting/environment to design from. The assignment was also really different form anything I'd normally do, so i was really excited. This is just the development for class, I'll post the more final stuff in another entry. Tell me what you think so far!

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